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Radio Ranch Inc. is an authorized sales & service facility for
NEC and Nitsuko. We also service most brands of phone systems
and install phone, data, & network cabling

Business Telephone Systems      Residential Telephone System

"Sophistication Simplified"

NEC DSX Series.


Business System

All new system architecture built for the 21st century and beyond.

 NEC’s superior ergonomic styling offers a slim, sleek, compact design with a quality feel that is an attractive addition to any work

  environment. All models feature the same thin, floating design, have built in speakerphone, two-position angle adjustment for 

 effortless viewing viewing of the large LCD display, and built-in wall mounting. Enhanced models also offer a backlit display and

 illuminated dial pad.

 Innovations don't stop with the DSX telephones. Right out of the box, the system has a built-in automated attendant which can

 answer incoming calls, play a greeting, and allow callers to dial extensions and departments directly without operator assistance

 or additional equipment.

 NEC designed the DSX with affordability and scalability in mind. Since the DSX is simple to install and easy to use, the expenses

 of configuration, programming, and post installation training are minimized.

 Over a decade of intense feature development ensures that the core DSX call processing features are mature, efficient, and

 reliable - yet intuitive and easy to use. Combined with end-to-end quality assurance and state-of-the-art circuit design, you are

 assured the DSX will be your reliable business partner for years to come.

 The ability to add voice mail is built into the system and only requires an Intra mail compact flash card to activate. Intra mail is a

 full-featured Voice Mail Auto Attendant system that will transfer incoming calls and record Voice Mail messages. Some of the

 advanced features of intra mail are:

  •  Message Center:: Notify groups of extensions of important messages with a visual indication using a message center key.
  •  Directory Dialing: Dial a name instead of a number to reach your party.
  •  Message on hold: Record your own informative company message.
  •  Conversation record: Record calls into a predetermined mailbox.
  •  Message notification: You can receive a call when new messages arrive.
  •  Caller ID: Information is verbally provided with the voice mail message.
  •  Call screening: Listen to live callers leave a message and pick up only the ones you want to answer.

 Caller ID ability is built into every DSX system. With Caller ID, you can identify incoming callers before the call is answered.

 The callers name and number will appear simultaneously in the display. Advanced Caller ID features are:

  •  Logging: Stores the name, number, time, and date of an extensions outside calls.
  •  Checking: A manager can have the capability to view caller ID information associated with an employees line or extension.
  •  Return Call: Easily return a call without manually re-entering the caller's number.
  •  Caller ID can even be forwarded to single line analog ports for use with your caller id equipment.


Residential Systems

Built to simplify and enhance your busy life

 In addition to the many home amenities you've Thoughtfully chosen to simply and enhance your life, we would like to offer the

 same sophistication and modern conveniences for your home communications system.

  •  Flexible intercom: Intercom is a great way to find people in the house, especially if you have a large home and you wish to speak to someone in another room or on another floor without shouting or running from room to room. As an extra convenience, you can page all telephones at once and announce, for example, when dinner is ready. Intercom is also a great security device  that allows you to hear what is going on in other areas of your home or to know who is outside before opening the door or gate.
  • Multi Line Capability: Today's homes have multiple phone lines - a home phone line, his and her business and fax lines, etc. The DSX system gives you the capability to use these lines as you wish, by providing access from any room in the house. Privacy features allow you to designate which phones can share private lines. No longer are you confined to your home office when working from home.
  •  Sophisticated Answering Service: An answering system is a great way to direct calls without having to answer the phone. Since you can have a different menu for each phone line, it is a professional way for home businesses to keep their calls separate from the household. Each user can have their own personal greetings, providing additional information to the caller. You can even allow the caller to reach you on your mobile phone, at the office, or at any other number, by simply pressing a key.

 All DSX telephones are available in black or white, have a built in speakerphone, large display, and two-position angle adjustment.

 In addition, the built-in low-profile wall mount is ideal for use in a kitchen, garage, or bath.

 With Several telephone models to choose from, each user can select and personalize their phone for their individual needs. Easily 

 create a personal phonebook, choose a distinctive ring, or program one-button calling to frequently dialed numbers. In addition,

 each user has the flexibility to adjust the handset and speaker volume, and to set the display contrast and brightness to meet their

 specific requirements.

 Built in caller ID:

 If you have caller ID Service, the DSX system is ready for you. In addition to identifying incoming callers on the phones display, the

 following easy to use features are included:

  • Call Review and Call return: For each received call , the DSX system stores the name, number, time & date, and who answered the call. The caller's phone number is also available when reviewing voice messages. This allows you to easily redial without having to manually enter phone numbers.
  • Second Line Caller ID: While on a call, the system can show the caller id information for a call ringing on another line.
  • Active Call Info: Parents can monitor or view the name and number of their child's current or previous incoming call.
  • Standard Phones: To enhance convenience and flexibility, the DSX system sends caller ID information for both external and intercom calls to the standard phone ports for use with customer-provided caller ID phones and accessories. Very useful for cordless phones.

 Intra Mail:

 NEC's Intra Mail is a full-featured Auto-Answering Voice Message System that answers and directs calls, records individual voice

 messages, and saves the caller ID number for immediate call back capability. Since intra Mail is integrated within the DSX system,

 an optional Intra Mail compact flash card is all that's required for these and many other practical features.

  • Multiple Greetings: Intra Mail provides the ability to have different greetings for each line and multiple greetings for each family member.  
  • Call Screening: Listen to a caller as they are leaving you a message. Choose to take that important call or let them continue recording the message. You may also listen to the caller automatically through the speaker of any DSX phone in the house.
  • Conversion record: While on an important call, you can record the conversation into any voice mailbox for later review. You can also send your recorded conversation to another voice mailbox.
  • Message on hold: Record an informative message that will play to callers while they wait for you to become available.
  • Message Notification: Eliminate the need to call home to check messages. Intra Mail can be set to automatically call a designated telephone number, such as your mobile number, to let you know new messages have arrived.
  • Fax Detection: The built-in fax switch will route an incoming fax call to your fax machine, allowing you to save on the cost of a dedicated fax line.