Trig Avionics TMA44 Audio Panel

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TMA44 - Standard Audio Panel - COMING LATER IN 2016

The TMA44 is our audio panel for pilots wanting great value but all the required standard functions for VFR and IFR flight.


  • Mono Audio Panel – supports 2 to 6 seats
  • Bluetooth technology – wireless use of mobile phones and music
  • Superior audio performance from:
  • TDNR – Trig Digital Noise Reduction
  • TAM – Trig Active Mute
  • ‘Better by Design’ – logical and easy to use interface
  • Marker beacon receiver – with indicators
  • EASA and TSO Certified


Trig audio panels will enhance your stack and simplify the control of your navigation, communication and entertainment options. Each model benefits from Trig’s ‘Better by Design’ philosophy, the result – a logical and high quality interface that’s easier to use, with features pilots and passengers will really appreciate.

The TMA44 is a mono panel with the capacity to host 2-4 seats. The TMA44 features ‘Smooth Fade’ to enhance the transition between voice and music, benefiting crew and passengers alike. Independent control of audio between the pilot, crew and all enables communication and flight operations to continue discretely, passengers can listen to music or use phone communications (where fitted). This audio panel includes a marker beacon receiver with indicator lights, necessary for IFR flight and precision approaches.

The TMA44 is designed to fit in a standard avionics rack and uses an industry standard 44 pin connector allowing a simple retro-fit with older audio panels.

The TMA44 is the audio panel that delivers great value and features in a standard package.