Radio Ranch Inc.
10924 Hoover Road
Rock Falls, Illinois 61071
Fax 815-622-9163

Located at: SQI
Whiteside County Airport


  1. Do you have multiple buildings that are seperated by miles?
  2. Do you have the need to communicate to all personnel in case of emergency with the touch of 1 button?
  3. Have you been told covering all those areas without a system that requires a Doctorate degree to operate is impossible?
  4. Have you been told that this system will cost 100's of thousands of dollars?

In this day and age of tight budgets and growing security concerns Hytera has a system that will fit your needs without breaking the bank. Don't get fooled by the big "M" into thinking you need some enormous system that costs $100's of thousands of dollars and no one knows how to operate. Ask Radio Ranch how Psuedo trunking and XPT trunking can do the same thing for a lot less MONEY! Also Hytera offers an industry leading full 3 year warranty on all their products.

    Portables Bus & Base Radios  
    PD-502 / PD-602 MD-612  
  Call for quantity discount pricing
  Think Green and recycle your rechargeable batteries, cell phones, and electronics. It's not only responsible......... It's the LAW!